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Digital health

In about a few days is the start of Medica – the largest international trade fair for medical equipment in Europe. In Dusseldorf in Germany, visitors will for four days be able to spot the latest trends in a wide range of medical equipment. It is funny to observe how narrow our knowledge about the world behind the green/blue curtain is. Our perception of health is healthy food and lifestyle. When it comes to hospitals, we all think that all doctors are like Dr. House or Dr. Grey.

The world behind the green/blue curtain is very complicated. The army of people working in every hospital provides us with a full range of all kinds of solution for our unpredictable illnesses.

Those people need the very best laboratory equipment, diagnostics devices, physiotherapy/orthopaedic gear, disposables, commodities and textiles, electro -medicine, operating technology tools, information & communications systems and high-tech solutions for medical technologies that we have never heard about.

One of the latest innovation is the XGEO – the ultrasensitive FPD (Flat Panel Detector), developed by Samsung and based on Samsung Electronics’ outstanding TFT technology, features proprietary ALDAS (Advanced Low Dose Amorphous Silicon Sensor) technology. ALDAS improves patient safety and the reliability of the diagnosis by acquiring high-resolution images with a very small amount of radiation. The compact, light-weighted, and portable detector will provide a better medical environment by improving user convenience and the efficiency of work.

The XGEO is the winner of the Gold IF Design Awards 2012 and the Gold IDEA 2012.


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