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Design is: Police Headquarters

A police station is a place I really don’t want to visit. It only reminds me of the bad things that happened to me, such as when I went there to report that my bike had been stolen or that somebody had broken into my car.

There is a particular atmosphere in a police station, something that makes you feel uneasy. I can imagine that animals visiting a vet have exactly the same feeling.  Also, a police station is the last place where you think DESIGN.  Certainly, they have the latest gadgets and communication equipment (this is what I want to believe) but everything is far from welcoming… .

I was amazed by the work made by the Pracownia Architektoniczna Poznań_Projekt in collaboration with mode:lina architekci for Voivodeship Police Headquarters in Poznań, Poland. They rebuilt an area of 200 m2 of the main entrance and lobby. The most difficult part was to get the approval of the City’s Heritage Conservator, because the whole building is part of the old city’s preserved area. The architects used very simple solutions and colour codes to rearrange the interior and to create a new perception of the concept of “police station”.

 “Simple and clear! – that was how we planned to design the interior. We decided to use white and dark grey as a background for blue – an official police colour. Main circulation is marked in white both on the floor and the barrisol, LED enlightened ceiling. Blue splashes on the reception desk and furniture leave no doubts that you are in Police Headquarters. Even though being a policeman is tough, we softened the appearance of the interior by rounding all the angles and corners.”


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