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Design Education 4.0

This week, it is the second year that the School of Form in Poznań, Poland, welcomes their students. 

School of Form is a newly established international school of higher design education, which accepted its first students in October 2011. The school is located in Poznań, Poland. The full-time studies last 4 years and the graduates receive a bachelor’s degree in design awarded by Warsaw School of Social Sciences and Humanities.

The innovative concept of School of Form involves a combination of teaching practical design skills and a humanistic understanding of the world. Knowledge about the condition of modern man, his roots, traditions and material culture, awareness of social phenomena and mechanisms that govern human behaviour and society today are basic tools for a designer just like the knowledge of the latest multimedia technologies and crafts. Poland has one of the fastest growing economies within the EU countries and the most advanced manufactures and plants. The School of Form aims to provide Poland with highly educated and skilled creative people who will strengthen Polish brands, products and services with their innovation-oriented minds and ideas, and position the Polish economy among the biggest global creative economies.

I am very proud to be a connector and an originator behind the SOF project. We have to thank Piotr Voelkel – a businessman with a heart and a believer in future design education – as well as Li Edelkoort – formal chairwoman and programme creator of Design Academy Eindhoven – for their efforts. The School of Form has the best design crew on board: Agnieszka Jacobson- Cielecka, Dawid Wiener, Oskar Zieta, Bartosz Mucha, Wojciech Dziedzic.


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