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DDW Trend Book 2012

I am so happy to see the fourth edition of our Dutch Design Week (DDW) Trend Book! Our team* worked really hard throughout this summer to get everything done on time.

Our Trend Book is a platform to connect and build a professional network between Dutch Design Week and the other global Design Weeks. The dynamic development of creative economy links nations, regions and cities. Despite the financial crisis, the process of de-globalisation and growing glocalisation (= global + local) will not stop creativity, business activity and consumption.

This year we are honoured to celebrate 400 years of trade relations between the Kingdom of the Netherlands and Turkey. It is a long relationship with a rich historical and political background.

It was an amazing trans-cultural collaboration. We defined six trend themes and invited six experts to assume the role of a theme’s ambassador. Each of the ambassadors invited a number of interesting experts to write inspiring stories about the trend subject. We had more than 170 contributions. Dutch experts write from the perspective of  “we; our company; our world; our technology” etc, whereas Turkish contributors are more focussed on “my world; my company; my vision”. I was surprised to read how often Turkish people refer to the Ottoman Empire. But, from another point of view, if you visit Istanbul – the cultural centre of Turkey – you will be surprised how seamlessly ancient history merges with modern culture. If you’ve never visited Istanbul before, go there as soon as you can, because you’ve no idea what you’re missing. Even James Bond in his latest film Skyfall chases his enemy on Grand Bazar roof!

Our cover features bread since bread stands for handcraft quality. Craft is a very strong trademark of Turkish culture and know-how; the Dutch have just started to discover its value and appreciate its imperfection. Welcome in the era of smart society with respect for local knowledge.

Here you can buy your own DDW Trend Book. There are only 3.000 limited copies printed.

*Team:Marloes Philipse, Dries van Wagenberg, vanRixtelvanderPut Designers, Sinem Kocayaş, Melike Önder, Julienne Peeters, Gizella Komody and Lecturis Printing Office. The scrumptious bread on the cover was baked by Baker Broodt.



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