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Crossing winter

When I was a child I loved sleds. My parents packed me in a warm blanket and walked with me through fully snowed parks and streets. Later, after skiing we always had sled races with my friends. It was a lot of fun. When you look at today’s sled designs you can see how eagerly designers are searching for a perfect aerodynamic line, perfect material combination and quality of making.
I collected some interesting examples of sleds to inspire you for this winter’s snow enjoyment.

The Hublot Sled

The Hublot Sled is the fruit of a collaboration between Hublot and the ECAL as part of the MAS-Luxe course (Master in Design and Luxury Industry at the Lausanne Cantonal Art School) of which Hublot has been one of the main sponsors since its creation. This particular project was completed by Philippe-Albert Lefebvre, based on an original concept by Arno Mathies. Hublot boss Jean-Claude Biver said he was “pleased by the birth of this sled developed with the ECAL, for on top of its remarkable and novel design, its performance qualities and toughness make it an outstanding sport engine!”

_Luge Hublot_, ECAL-Philippe-Albert Lefebvre & Arno Mathies. Photo ECAL-Julien Chavaillaz

_Luge Hublot_, ECAL-Philippe-Albert Lefebvre & Arno Mathies. Photo ECAL-Julien Chavaillaz(2) _Luge Hublot_, ECAL-Philippe-Albert Lefebvre & Arno Mathies. Photo ECAL-Julien Chavaillaz(1) luxury_capitals_luge_hublot_hr_02


Firun by Götte & Partner Industrialdesign
The ‘Firun’ sled treats the traditional material, wood, in a new and surprising way. The use of moulded plywood gives rise to a contemporary sled designed with functional aspects in mind – one that is clearly superior to its classic predecessors in terms of driving characteristics, comfort and safety. Particularly important in this connection is the suspended seat, which has excellent cushioning properties and effectively protects the driver against hard shocks to the spine and pelvis. If you pull the front of the sled up while driving, chromium steel claws bring it rapidly to a halt with very little effort.

Firun-Sleds-08_main Firun-sled Firun-Sleds-02_main FIRUN_Details_6830 FIRUN_deetail_12 FIRUN_Details_6860 Firun-Sleds-01_main


Peak Snow Sled by Wolfgang Sirch

In the last thirty years, Sirch has developed from the craft traditions of coachbuilding to a modern industrial enterprise whose manufacturing processes focus on the production of a range of wooden goods. These include basic packaging goods such as pallets and chests, sports goods such as toboggans, furniture and the range of SIBI wooden toys. Based in southern Germany’s Alpine foothills, the company currently employs a workforce of about fifty on a production site owned by the company. This beautiful and fast racing sled made of steam-bent solid ash with stainless steel runners, was designed by Wolfgang Sirch. It has a strong webbed seat and an adjustable braided cord with a turned acacia handle.

sirch-abyss-h11-110cm-barrow Peak Snow Sled by Wolfgang Sirch

Hammerhead Sled

The Hammerhead Sled is a fast, comfy, and outstandingly manoeuvrable sled. It was designed for only one person sledding at a time. No assembly required. Right out of the box, the Hammerhead is ready for action! The standard configuration includes general-purpose rear skis. This means you can ride on almost any snow surface, from hard-pack to a few inches of powder.The seat fabric is lightweight, doesn’t chill the body and provides exceptional suspension over small bumps and undulations. Snow is removed quite easily. Should you need to replace the sled, call Hammerhead for the options available. The aluminium frame is strong and light. What’s more, its 1” diameter allows for the easy mounting of standard bike components such as headlights, tail lights, mirrors, bells and horns.

Hammerhead Sled 73261_1000x1000

Other interesting examples:

Snow Boogie Woody Sled  by whamo

Above: Snow Boogie Woody Sled  by Whamo.

Volkswagen-Accessories-GTI-Sledding-Bob-photo VW-Sleds-Carscoop12

Above: Volkswagen Accessories GTI_Sledding Bob.

Porsche Racing Sled - Aluminum construction racing sled with folding mechanism_Todd Lawrence

Above: Porsche Racing Sled – Aluminium construction racing sled with folding mechanism_Todd Lawrence.




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