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Controlling winter with intelligence

Winter is coming. We will all turn our heating systems on and light our fireplaces to enjoy cold days in our warm and cosy homes. But, are you really warming up your home in a smart way?

Netatmo, a consumer electronics company, and legend of design Philippe Starck created the smartphone-connected Thermostat; an intelligent thermostat to control heating remotely and reduce your energy consumption. It is counting, controlling, directing, and mastering the calories with intelligence, intuition, discretion and elegance. Thanks to Netatmo, calories can be managed from your pocket.
“It’s a lot of work to do nothing because what remains should be perfect.” Philippe Starck


Nefit Easy – a smart thermostat from Bosch Thermotechnology makes remote monitoring possible. The Nefit Easy enables consumers to activate the installer immediately. The smart thermostat from the inventor of the HR-boiler from Deventer is a new step in the development of thermostats and servicing boilers in the Netherlands. The Nefit Easy detects via Smartphones who is at home. Heating is therefore automatically adjusted to the preferences of the present users. For example, the thermostat raises the temperature when someone from the family comes inside, and goes down automatically when the last person leaves the house. Therefore the boiler is being used more efficiently. The Easy also allows controlling the gas consumption during heating and producing warm water. It is even possible to adjust the duration of a shower session. [designed by VanBerlo]


It looks similar to the Wall Mounted CD Player designed by Naoto Fukasawa for Muji in 2000. But this is the Nest Protect smoke and carbon monoxide detector. Instead of simply beeping, it tells you exactly what and where the problem is, and you shut it up just by waving at it. It will last for years on six AA batteries, and ping your smartphone when the batteries need to be replaced. And it serves as an activity sensor for the Nest Learning Thermostat, enabling it to more accurately adjust your heating and cooling as it learns when you’re home and away.

“We did a bunch of different options trying to decide on a second product after the successful Nest Thermostat. We looked for areas that really lacked technology and innovation and had unbelievably frustrating experiences”, says Matt Rogers, Fadell’s co-founder at Nest and ex-Apple employee.