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Colourful life

Our Generation X (born  1960 – 1980) knows everything about it.  Nothing was as colourful as our ’80s. We had Kubik’s cube, leg warmers, shoes, Swatch watches, markers, hair spray, make up, pop culture music with video clips and many other useless stuff. All in a strong highlight colour palette. The next generation of Millennials (born post 1980) feels like making the same mistake. The Post-post-modernism generation is repeating itself in more sophisticated colours and patterns but nevertheless with the same colourful chaos. Can we prevent the next generation from copycatting our ’80s?

Above:2 x Just5

Above: 2 x Samsung

Above: Nokia

Above: Windows 8 mobile

Above: 2 x Pantone

Above: 3 x Bakker made with love

Above: 2 x The Cambridge Satchel Company


Above: 2 x Lego + Crocs

Above: 3 x Lego

Above: Clarks

Above: burberry | menswear 2013

Above: Eley Kishimoto

Above: Hannah Duckworth




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