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Colour towards 2013

Every year Clariant publish their colour palette prediction for the next year. This year Clariant’s ColourForward 2013 is focused on the four most influential societal trends that the company recognised among various complex future themes. The ColourForward 2013 is the 7th Annual Colour Forecasting Guide for the Plastics Industry by Clariant.

Different colour specialists from various industries like architecture, textiles, packaging, housewares, automotive and fashion participated in the process of creating ColourForward 2013 predictions.

1.SCIEN-SATIONAL represents the faith we have that science and technology will develop products that will improve the quality of life for everyone.


2. FOODTURE’s palette is very organic and mirrors our relationship to food, which has never been stronger or more diverse.


3.COMMUNINATION deals with the concept of community, where the focus is not always about location, but more about finding people who share similar interests, values and causes.


4. ENOUGH… IS ENOUGH! fosters a sense of quality and durability: frugality has become part of our lifestyle, accumulating possessions is out. We want real value and what we buy should provide a meaningful experience.

ColourForward 2013 has been developed to support customers in a broad spectrum of market segments, from packaging to architectural, medical and electronics. It is the latest guidance service for the plastics industry from Clariant’s global ColourWorks™ team.


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