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Charming E-lectric

You don’t have to be a trendwatcher or political leader to predict that the fossil fuel industry is coming to an end. Our cities are becoming larger and more over-populated and we consume more energy than ever before. Our Western lifestyle totally depends on it.

One thing is certain; in the near future, we will need massive energy suppliers. What will the future of energy be? Maybe Sun Power Farms will be the main income and new economy for Africa? Maybe Wind Power Farms in the middle of the oceans will provide us with future fuel? Maybe Geothermal and Biomass Power Farms? Want to know more about this issue, check Desertec* project.

Anyway, to ensure our future we have to think about it today. One of the small steps currently taken is e-mobility.

E-mobility is not only one of the major trends but it is also looking really sexy! Look at this selection:

Above: VW concept

Above: Ford Fusion

Above: Renault

Above: Proterra

Above: BMW

Above: Honda

Above: 3X Suzuki

Above: Vetrix

Above: Handicare design by VanBerlo

Above: Sparta

Above: 2x Sparta

Above: QWIC, design by Smool

Above: Bosch


*Desertec project -The desert regions of the world hold a huge amount of untapped energy. Here, the sun is available more than 4,300 hours a year to produce electricity. In six hours these desert regions receive more energy than all of mankind consumes in a year. The Desertec concept aims to supply 15 to 20 percent of Europe’s electricity requirement by 2050. By means of high-voltage direct current transmission (HVDC), the generated electricity can then be transported with low losses  and energy-efficiently to consumption centres in Europe.

Above: image by Siemens


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