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BASF and Philips

The future lab of the once largest chemical company BASF – Future Business GmbH and Dutch electronics company Philips have achieved a practical breakthrough in the development of OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) technology that allows it to be integrated in car roofs. The OLEDs are transparent when switched off, allowing for a clear view outside the vehicle, yet providing light only within the vehicle when switched on. This OLED lighting concept for car roofs is the result of a longstanding cooperation between BASF and Philips in the research and development of OLED modules.

This development offers completely new design possibilities that also allow new approaches to automotive engineering. The transparent OLED sandwich structure can be combined with equally transparent solar cells. This means that most of the last concept cars are cars of tomorrow and not of the future. Solar cells on the roof were one of the major features during the last IAA Frankfurt 2011. This technology can play a major innovative role in other industries like agriculture, retail, yachting or architecture.


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