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Bag with Functional LED

The SEIL bag provides bikers via a simple controller with possibilities to transmit various basic signals on the LED display that is on the front of the backpack. It can also send custom messages to others who are driving, cycling or walking behind you. When cycling, you can simply use the detachable wireless controller fitted to the handlebars to pass on various messages, signals, directions and emergency indicators.

Via the SEIL App on the Android-based phones you can simply design your own icons and symbols as well as make images, texts and simple animation that can be transferred to the SEIL bag display.

The SEIL display communicates with the controller using Bluetooth 2.0 technology. Both are flexible and waterproof.

Unfortunately, this project has not reached its founding goal (yet) but I do hope that the designer will not give up and find a smart brand to manufacture this clever bag. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

SEIL bag was designed by Lee Myung Su.


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