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Chase your passion, not your pension!

Some weeks ago I watched an interesting TV movie named “Liebe verlernt man nicht” (Eng. You cannot unlearn love (2009) on ARD – a German TV station. This film has really given me food for thought.

It was about a love affair between Eva – a senior woman (55+) and Jonathan – young fashion photographer (35+). The film was very romantic and sweet but the love/sex scenes were done pretty amazingly. Eva’s largest dilemma was “senior” sex, which is also an interesting issue for our future aging, aka ‘silver’ society.

Above: 2 x Liebe verlernt man nicht | ARD

To be very honest, it is about us (generation X), only 20 years older. I don’t think we will stop enjoying sex because we are getting “old”, do you?

This means that changes in the demographic western society will change many future businesses. One of  these will be healthcare, which cannot exist without our mental well-being. Mental health is based, among other things, on hormonal balance, which is very much connected with our sex life and age.

Just a rhetorical question: Can we stop ageing by enjoying our intimate life more intensely?

There are currently a lot of Hollywood productions and bestsellers that are touching the subject of “senior love” or “senior sex”.


In the world of today, people of 55 and older do not really play a role in marketing interests.  For present-day marketing, this “target group” is out of the spending league.

Well, I think they are VERY wrong!

The new Silver Tsunami that our population will soon be confronted with means that we will work longer and spend money longer. This means that the future belongs to the 55 plus generation. And believe me, they (I mean we) want to work hard and to play hard!

Above: Philips

Imaging Intimacy

I just remembered that during the London Design Festival in 2009, I visited the Royal College of Art. There was a very good exposition with work from the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design, RCA London. I remember one called “Imaging Intimacy: Challenging Stereotypes of Age, Sex and Health” by Andy Chen.

He addresses one of the taboo subjects in ageing research – our failure to acknowledge elders as sexual beings with the same rights to love and intimacy as everyone else. He created two campaigns which draw on distinct traditions in visual communication. The project’s research partners were Age UK, the AIDS Community Research Initiative of America and the US-UK Fulbright Commission.




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