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A coffee cup you fill, fold, sip from

A quest to rid it of polluting plastic lids drove the design. Architect Peter Herman and graphic designer Daren Bascome are the co-founders of the asymmetrical coffee cup called Compleat. One day, Herman, 49, a dedicated coffee drinker, crumpled an empty paper cup in his hand and saw that by folding the top into an arc, and losing the lid entirely, he had a simple, enclosed cup with a drinking spout. Now, his invention folds like origami to form a spout from which to drink. Herman spent two years of his spare time, he’s an architect at the Cambridge, Massachusetts, firm Ellenzweig, and made close to a hundred prototypes in the process of refining the folding design he calls Compleat. The construction is simple: the body and two integrated flaps are composed of a single piece of paper; the body is glued to the circular base. Like similar cups on the market, the paper would be waterproofed, though ideally with cellulose-based plastic, so that it could be composted. Herman estimates that Compleat could ultimately save retailers money, since it’s just one piece (instead of the usual two) and can be sourced through a single supplier.

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