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25hours Hotel Zurich

25hours Hotel Zurich timed up with local and multiple award-winning designer Alfredo Häberli and his team.

Alfredo Häberli was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1964. He moved to Switzerland in 1977 and graduated in 1991 with distinction in Industrial Design at the Höhere Schule für Gestaltung in Zurich. Today, he is one of the best known designers. He is based in Zurich and is working for  many  leading companies such as Alias, BD Barcelona, Camper, Georg Jensen, Iittala, Kvadrat, Luceplan, Moroso, Schiffini and Vitra.

The concept of 25hours Hotel Zurich by Alfredo Häberli will be comprised of three components:

  1. Interior design by Alfredo Häberli
    The composed, timeless interior of the first 25hours Hotel in Zurich receives those entering the house with an elegant and cosy atmosphere: Fitting to modern Zurich.
  2. Perks for body and soul by Alfredo Häberli
    In his customary manner, as designer of the hotel, Alfredo Häberli surprises guests with innuendo and accessory in a combination of the rooms’ elements. If you look closely, you’ll notice how he subtly questions familiar ideals and elicits a smile.
  3. Zurich by Alfredo Häberli
    With charm and humour he also guides the guests out of the hotel and to his favourite spots in the city – his home town. In every corner of the hotel you can discover secret pointers. It’s worth exploring the well-kept secrets of the hotel: if you turn your head, change your perspective, peek behind curtains, sharpen your view when walking through your guest room, and you will be surprised.


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