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2014: Sharing is the new owning

A small group of various trend analysts from The Netherlands wrote for the 4th time the Trend Speech 2014. With this performance, they wanted to respond to the annual governmental speech read by the (since 2013) Dutch king. It is always a very bombastic event with “poker face to the bad game” and negative feelings.  The Trend Speech is charged with a positive message and has to be read out aloud.

“This is the fourth Trend Speech. Every year we pick up the common themes in the recent past and project them into the future. This does not mean that we announce the next revolution every year. It means that we report on the latest steps on the revolutionary path. Sometimes these are little mouse steps, sometimes elephant steps. How is it going with The Netherlands? Are we good or are we bad? What do you think? We see that the glass is half full and that optimists as well as pessimists fanatically claim they are right. The fight for the truth is a writing on the wall. The Netherlands is in transition and the truth lies midway, with a bit of give and take. Only for a short while, though. Times are changing. The bastions of the past are about to be torn down. The community leaves the impression, for those who have a look at it superficially, that it is not really alive and kicking. There are even optimists who slowly show signs of pessimism due to opposing authorities, vicious financial flows and internal resistance. It is not always simple to break through established barriers.”


Download the TrendRede 2014 here.



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