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2013: Trends, Predictions and Visions

Oh, I am so glad that December 21 has passed! It was a magic date that together with the entire financial crisis has given us a reason to reconsider where we are.

Now is a moment to look forward and maybe even to REALLY change something. Whatever website I click, Forbes, Fastcodesign, PSFK, Ericsson,Dezeen and others, I come across predictions for 2013. Plenty are about new technological developments, cloud commuters, social entrepreneurs, brand values shift, new connected transportation…..etc.  Also classical descriptions are popping up such as data ecology, content curator, humanistic computer, iPhone ECG, ubiquitous camera, poetic technology and many others.

But what will really be the most important topic for the year to come?

First of all, we have to define our perspective of prediction. Is that a prediction for business or for consumers? Secondly, if it is for business, what kind of business? There is definitely a big difference between high-tech medical/hospital equipment and FMCG with blinking and attractive new packaging. That’s why there is not one true prediction although there are key ideas and thoughts that all businesses and even consumers should take into consideration.

I would like to share with you my contribution, which I wrote for the the Second Sight Yearbook 2013 AND BEYOND “A wise world rising”. According to the editor in chief Andrea Wiegman: “this is the thickest issue ever! 162 pages full of wise insights from the best trend experts and foresight managers world wide.”


2013 and beyond: Networking and creative leaders by Zuzanna Skalska

Below: cover “Second Sight Yearbook 2013 AND BEYOND”


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