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Milano 2012: Ultra Chair

It was very difficult to find this place but after accomplishing the journey, the reward was just waiting for me at the entrance to the courtyard of the 18th Century Palazzo Clerici. Below the old Renaissance portico was a podium with a chair on it. The chair was connected to a cutting-edge computer. When you sat down, you felt like a super star in the spotlights.

The two designers, Clemens Weisshaar and Reed Kram, developed a chair for public testing environment in collaboration with Audi’s Lightweight Design Centre using methods borrowed from the future of automotive manufacturing. Its genesis incorporates crowd-sourced data acquired through thousands of testing sessions using advanced industrial sensors whose data are processed by custom algorithms to adjust the final geometry and construction of the end product accordingly.

The R18 ULTRA CHAIR consists of three main components: a carbon composite seat, a carbon-rubber composite back rest and aluminium alloy legs which can be compacted and transported in a lightweight flat-pack box.

I couldn’t resist taking the test. Before me in the line was Jasper Morrison who was very intrigued by this project.

The Ultra Chair and I. Also watch here

More info here and at The Ultra Journal PDF


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