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Milano 2012: Sensing the Future

The Whirlpool brand is 100 years old (its centennial was in 2011) and to celebrate this important event, it has invited  internationally renowned chefs and designers to invent the future of the domestic hearth. The result is a workshop with star designers Guixé Martí , Inga Sempé , Miriam Mirri and chef Massimiliano Alajmo and Jean-François Piège with Global Consumer Design Whirlpool. Together, they have defined the future of the house in which the keywords are sustainability, connectivity, sharing and hospitality. Let’s just take a closer look at this interesting project.

To celebrate the important milestone of its centennial, this year Whirlpool has decided to combine prestigious design and the Milano Design Week.

The Whirlpool exhibition took place at the Riccardo Grassi Showroom in Milan, renowned for being a fashion site hosting men’s and women’s fashion collections. Here, design was blended with fashion in an innovative and multicultural atmosphere with a glimpse of the future.

The exhibition Sensing the Future springs from the constant attention that Whirlpool Corporation gives to emerging lifestyles and trends, and the ability to turn these into exciting innovative product concepts. Among the many new features is Fireplace, a multi-functional cooking table and a hood that can be personalised and height-adjusted. The new family cooks food with light! Right at the centre of a round table is a ‘cooking basin’ which interacts with a multifunctional element that unites the activities of the hood, complete with chandelier lighting and chromotherapic stove. It emits light frequencies and cooks food at the ideal temperature! 

Even the refrigerator has changed its look! Freshness consists of a system of partitions in which each kind of food has its own right temperature to optimise and improve energy conservation.

In the future of Whirlpool, diverse purchases can be done right from home just by sending a shopping list; the products will arrive in special messenger bags chilled with rechargeable batteries!



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