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The 3D printing technique is a major competitor for big industries. Printers can be both amateur and inaccurate and can print parts for jet engines, elements for expensive car brands, and even human organs. 3D printers can use practically any material in the form of powder. Many companies have presented their skills in this field. One of the most interesting exhibitions was the one held by the United Nude entitled “Re-inventing Shoes”. The Re-Inventing Shoes project was about exploring and pushing the boundaries of this new rapidly developing technology by creating shoes with the largest amount of sculptural freedom. The production method used is the highest quality of 3D printing (SelectiveLaser Sintering) in a hard nylon and all-new soft rubber material. United Nude had figured out a way to combine harder and softer 3D printed parts for creating fully functioning shoes. Each shoe will be available in an up to 50 pairs limited edition. For this project, United Nude has invited Ben van Berkel , Zaha Hadid, Ross Lovegrove, Fernando Romero and Michael Young.


Above: 3 x Fernando Romero

ILABO-lifestyle ILABO DSCF7248

Above: 3 x Ross Lovegrove

FLAMES-lifestyle FLAMES DSCF7259

Above: 3 x Zaha Hadid

UNX2 UNX2-lifestyle DSCF7252

Above: 3 x Ben van Berkel

YOUNG Shoe-lifestyle YOUNG Shoe DSCF7299

Above: 3 x Michael Young




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