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Under the pretext of cleaning and freshening our houses, large companies poison us with chemical substances, simulating natural smells of lavender, mint, pine, etc. Our grandmothers – born in the early 20th century – knew how to clean and wash without powder and liquid laundry detergents and softeners. All you have to do is take a look at the old proper housewife guides and the skilful use of various kinds of herbs, shrubs and fruits. Verified ways to freshen the smell of your house include, e.g. the use of a lemon peel, pine needles and mint, which, after grinding and heating up, emit a pleasant aroma. The old methods also include “cleaning” the corners with box, thyme, mint and lavender – sprinkled with lemon, in order to get rid of spiders and other insects. We can successfully implement such natural methods in laundering by using salt, vinegar and lemon along with natural soap. And instead of an electrical spin dryer – use a wall-mounted wringer.

Below the project Grandmother Tips by Alessandra Baldereschi

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Below: Works from the exhibition “The Tomorrow Collective” – Lund Univerity, Sweden, at Ventura Lambrate


Gathering ingredients from nature’s own pantry

Few people know that weeds growing in their garden, nearby park or woods can be used to complement our everyday cooking. Wild plants are more nutritious and uniquely flavourful than produce grown industrially, and enable new culinary experiences. In a time when we long for organic, seasonal food, the landscape around us can offer the most pure ingredients for free, with minimal affect on climate change.

The Herbarium is a tool for picking and separating herbs and transporting wild herbs to your kitchen. At home, the three containers individually facilitate rinsing and drying herbs to prepare them for cooking. The Herbarium invites you to revive old knowledge to shape new ways of cooking.

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Cleaning without chemicals

Cleaning today is often a dirty business. The use of hazardous cleansers in disposable plastic bottles is a part of our every-day cleaning. Today, few people know that much of your cleaning can be done with things you have in your kitchen: bicarbonate, vinegar, lemon and water. Cleaning Kit consists of four different lids compatible with standard glass jars, suited for powdering bicarbonate, making your own cleanser, spraying and measuring recipes for the different areas in your home.  Cleaning Kit is inspired by old ways of cleaning and made to fit our contemporary lifestyles without using any chemicals.

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Getting the water out of handwashed items made easy

This is a project about handwashing clothes, an old craft that has been putting strain on backs during centuries. Thank God for the washing machine and the spin dryer! But have we grown too fond of these modern tools? And what about those delicates we invested in to keep for life? Let’s not spin that single shirt in the machine for the next days’ meeting, let’s handwash it! Let’s use more of our time to take care of our clothes. Handwash from time to time in the sink or the bathtub. This wash press will make it easier to get the water out of the garment after handwashing it.

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