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Milan 2013: Life on an island

Last year, the interiors of our offices, airports and other public spaces underwent a real metamorphosis. We tried to get people out of their grey boxes and into inspiring, colourful and creative environments. The best examples are Google offices, Schiphol Airport and many design hotels. It is quite clear that the wind of change has also blown new ideas into our homes. It looks like our homes are becoming more public spaces in which we will work and live. Exactly like we did before we had to go to our offices. Many creative designs show new connected possibilities, as if to make life on an island easier. But, this time it is not about isolation but about having everything at our fingertips. Furniture is multifunctional and multipurpose to suit our mosaic lives. Our home has become a cockpit: we have everything under control.

Above: 2 x Moroso by Werner Aisslinger

Above: Walter Knoll

Above: Cassina by Philippe Starck

Above: Tacchini by Pearson Lloyd

Above: Indera

Above: Offecct

Above: Thinkk Studio

Above: Chinese Design Expo





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