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Milan 2013: Honest materials

This year, Milan confirmed our new direction towards new and honest materials. The mass production of the “plastic era” is on the way down. The new era is rising – the age of honest materials. By “honest” I mean natural materials that are easy to reuse and recycle as well as repair. Another important aspect is that products could be produced locally through small-scale manufacturing. Now the time has come to rediscover our local techniques, know-how and craftsmanship talent. To relearn how to please future consumers with local, handmade goods. Definitely a great challenge for all of us!


Above: Kaikado

Above: Tom Dixon for Adidas

Above: Lex Pott



Above: Rollware by J. Choueiri, G.Cosenza and P. Raskevicius

Above: Espresso 1882

Above: project by Adital Ela



Above: 2 x Patricia Urquiola for Budri

Above:  Jakkapun Charinratana | studio248


Above: Grand

Above: Studio 248

Above: Morten&Jonas



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