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Milan 2013: (Extra-) Ordinary objects

Design seems to be taking a new direction. This new direction involves turning ordinary, daily and often forgotten objects into objects of desire again. So many material objects have vanished into the digital, intangible world that I am very pleased to see some of them returning to our daily-life reality. Among these (extra)ordinary and (un)usual products are buckets, jugs, coat racks and (office) lamps.


Above: Studio Job for Moooi

Above: Nektar Solomon

Above: Carry On by Mattias Stenberg for Offecct



Above: Elena Salmistraro

Above: Kirstie van Noort

Above: Bjork Swedish Brasserie

Above:Jakob Gresch



Above: Foscarini

Above: Norman Copenhagen

Above: Coordination

Above; 2 x Arper

Above: Smool



Above: Bernaer Design

Above: Lauri Hiilinen and Thomas Tallqvist