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Milan 2013: Design processes – Snails farm

Snails farm – I found it one of the most fascinating projects at the stand of HKU – Utrecht School of the Arts at Ventura Lambrate. It grasped my attention due to the whole process and storytelling.

Lieske Schreuder’s fascination with snails arose during a snail infestation in her garden. She discovered, among other things, that snails feed on paper and form fabulous patterns while eating and that their droppings take on the colour of the paper. To do research into snails and possible applications of snail poop, Lieske Schreuder built a real snail’s laboratory with various living spaces for the snails. So far, she has made floor tiles and wire from the snail poop but the project is still up and running.


Check here the Spider Farm by Thomas Maincent



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