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Milan 2013: Crafted technology

In the interspace between advanced technology and craft, a very new design direction has evolved. Two contrasting elements meet in new, often unrecognised objects. These products are not yet commercially available but many designers (and big companies) have some pretty, quite well-working prototypes. There is always an interesting tension between smart, invisible technology (as well as interaction) and the physical, touchable product.

“Memories” by Vanessa Redondo. An unexpected blend of porcelain, wood and USB storage devices. “Memories” USB Pen Drives by Vanessa Redondo add blocky, primitive shapes as oversized caps for memory sticks, collected on a convenient wooden “docking” base.


“Little Boxes” by Joelle Aeschlimann (ECAL) Little Boxes is a music box concept for iPad. It consists of a tangible part composed of three separate music boxes that interact with an iPad and an application. When placing one of the boxes on the iPad, it recognizes it and activates. The idea is that each box contains its own universe revealed by the action of the crank with an animation and melody proper to each. The tracks used for this project are courtesy of the French artist Colleen.


“Our Universe” by Cassina and carlorattiassociati. Over the past decades digital and networked technologies have changed the way we live, work, access knowledge, meet and get to know each other. “Our Universe” brings together in total seven prototypes of conceptual furniture that have been developed to investigate and demonstrate the impact of digital and technological progress on furniture design for the home. Cassina’s intention was to respond to this new way of living, exploring and further experimenting, with the ultimate aim of putting the pieces into future production with the collaboration of carlorattiassociati.