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LDF 2012: Classic quality

It looks like the real quality of British tradition is still alive. During the London Design Festival, I really enjoyed the classic touch of wood with messing or copper. You can recognise the quality of the craftsman’s hands in every detail and you just have to admire the old and trusted methods and the skilful use of materials.

Currently, BBC broadcast a lot of different costume dramas. From “Upstairs, Downstairs” to “Gosford Park” and “Downton Abbey”, these TV dramas and films have made us care about the domestic workers who used to work “downstairs”. Domestic service was Britain’s biggest employer a century ago. These people cared for, maintained and repaired every piece in and around the household. They brought us some good domestic inventions that we still use at our homes. But the most important thing they taught us is to appreciate handcrafted work.

Avid Irwin

Victoria and Albert Museum | shop

Lee Broom | showroom East London


John Galvin

Wilson and Benn


During the London Design Festival, the Crafts Council launched its new touring show, a six-string exhibition adventuring through materials, traditional skills, brands, bespoke works, experience and the everday objects with the cunning compliance of a skilled maker in each field. The exposition called Added Value? was held at Designjunction.

Added Value? is an exhibition that looks at the value of craftsmanship within the context of global brands and luxury. The increasing interest in provenance and the narratives behind the things we buy have had a visible impact on how brands market themselves – with words such as ‘craft’ and ‘craftsmanship’ to denote quality. Added Value? explores the position of craft within this concept and whether consumers’ perceptions of value are changing.” Rosy Greenlees, Executive Director of Crafts Council.


It is beyond discussion that the other “classic quality” is James Bond with his perfectly tailored wardrobe. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the James Bond character and the upcoming new production Skyfall, the whole of London was in Bond Style. From Harrods to the Barbican, which presented a special exhibition “Designing 007 – 50 years of Bond Style”.


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