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ISPO 2014: Outdoor survival


ICEdot is an emergency ID and notification service innovating safety technology for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts. ICEdot syncs a secure online profile with products such as a band, helmet stickers or its latest product, the Crash Sensor. In Case Of Emergency, ICEdot has the ability to share predesignated health and geolocation information over sms/text. ICEdot emergency profiles are included with bike and snow helmets made by POC and Shred.

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Uepaa! Rescue App

The high number of accidents in the Swiss Alps, mostly in areas without cell phone service, was the motivation for the development of the Uepaa! Rescue App. It has an alarm and tracking service integrated into the smartphone making it possible for mountaineering enthusiasts to call for help anywhere – even without cellphone signal. The app is made possible by a Peer2Peer2Peer communication network developed by ETH Zürich. The app includes real-time tracking of the user’s route, Buddy Aid accident notification, automatic accident recognition (even if the user is unable to trigger the alarm), and continuous contact to local and air rescue teams.

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Cooking without fire

BaroCook/BaroPack/MagicCook is a portable system from Korea that cooks food without a fire or other cooking or heating equipment. This product enables athletes and travellers to cook anytime and anywhere and to eat hot food while on the ocean, in an open body of water, hiking, fishing, or doing any other outdoor activity. The system is sold under different brand names around the world. It consists of 18 natural materials and is environmentally friendly. Its steam, which is resolved into hydrogen and oxygen gas, is non-toxic and harmless.

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