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ISPO 2014: Footloose

Every year I visit more than 20 international trade fairs and various events. These visits mean that I have to make around 14.000 steps per day to get as much information as possible. Therefore, wearing good and comfy shoes is for my job absolutely crucial. You can say that trendwatching is a silent Olympic discipline. I can imagine how important foot care is for professional athletes. This year at ISPO my attention was stoked by interesting innovation around foot comfort.


Made from waste

Woolpower is a Swedish company that produces thermal undergarments and socks from Merino wool. Instead of throwing the textile waste away, it is given a new life by being transformed into felt insoles. It lowers the environmental impact, and turns a previous expense into a unique profitable product. A product with excellent insulating, moisture management, and odour handling properties made from Merino wool.

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The Custom technology by Sidas gives 100% customization of your insoles. The specialist moulds and then heats a flat insole. Placed on the client’s footprint, the Custom insole hugs the shape of the foot completely, providing the best possible well-being and maximum shock absorption. Maybe in the near future we will scan our foot at the dealer’s shop and our insoles will be printed by advanced 3D technology.

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Made for extra comfort

A new boot from German brand Hanwag promises relief to walkers with bunions. The Alta model has been designed on a special ‘bunion last’ that provides extra space round the big-toe joint. The low-weight Alta comes in both women’s and men’s models and aims to give extra comfort to outdoor enthusiasts who have bunions.The company said: “Millions of people (15 millions the UK) are reported to suffer from bunions, a condition that can cause certain shoes or boots to be painful and uncomfortable. Rather than having to buy a wider boot or size up, the Alta’s innovative design minimises pressure on the big toe joint yet fits comfortably and securely around the rest of the foot and ankle.

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Made to keep warm

Disposable insole foot warmers enable you to keep your feet warm for many hours.  The thermal pad warmers are ideal for keeping your feet warm during winter sports, snowboarding and skiing. They’re also perfect as an aid in chronic diseases of the joints and muscles as well as colds. Using heat pads promotes the circulation of the blood and relieves pain for hours.

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