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ISPO 2013: Ski denim

There are hardly any differences now between sportswear and casual wear. These two styles have seamlessly merged into one new lifestyle. Urbanus Jeans presented its new denim pants. Urbanus Jeans is one of the most popular snowboarding brands in Korea. It is currently trying to break into the Western market. Urbanus Jeans offers a collection of denim pants, apparel, and other accessories designed to be worn both snowboarding as well as around town. The denim snowboard pants are made from a three-layer, 100% natural cotton fabric. The outer layer is treated with a water repellent coating, while a Geotech waterproof membrane is sandwiched between this outer layer and the fabric liner, adding to next-to-skin comfort and moisture-wicking ability. The jeans are waterproof, fully wind-resistant, and relatively breathable.




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