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ISPO 2013: Lightweight mobility

The most important trend in the mobility business is lightweight material. Everything should be light as a feather with the best performance specification you can get. Most of the companies are using very advanced new technology to achieve strong and lightweight products. One of these technologies is Koroyd. Koroyd is an engineered core with unrivalled consistency and performance. Developed for use in aerospace, this is the first time the technology has been made available to snowboard design. You can check last year’s post about this material.

The Swedish top sports company POC used this new innovation in its latest headwear. The new design is pure understatement and timeless elegance. Due to the lightweight material, the helmets are lighter without reducing the safety specification.


French company Rossignol introduced its latest innovation Air Tip technology – the future of the Rocker. This unique engineering makes skis lighter with enhanced performance. This product won the ISPO Award 2013.


Another solution to achieve lightweight is reducing the materials. The perfect example from this year’s ISPO was Weby – the reflective urban jacket by Esse Design. The idea comes from the need to wear clothing that brings safety and simplicity together. The project has been developed by a team of individuals who have combined their experiences gained in a variety of industries.




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