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ISPO 2012: Koroyd – New light material

Koroyd is an engineered core with unrivalled consistency of production and performance. Originally developed for use in Aerospace applications as a lightweight structural panel, this is the first time the technology has been made available in sporting goods.

In Ski and Snowboard applications Koroyd offers an extremely lightweight core material, with improved dampening and a smooth ride. Koroyd can be used as a complete core solution or in different combination with traditional wooden cores, offering a hybrid solution.

Full Core Ski
Full Core set up provides the optimum performance capabilities. Core weight can be reduced by 70%, whilst maintaining strength and flex. Koroyd engineered cores have a 100% consistent production process, so you can be sure the ski reacts exactly the same every time.

Hybrid Core Ski
Both the Tip & Tail construction and the Hybrid offer lightweight localised solutions.
In the Tip & Tail, inserts of specific dimensions are placed in the non-load bearing sites. In these cases, it’s possible to use exceptionally low density Koroyd. The Hybrid core has strips of Koroyd running all the way through the core, thus offering improved characteristics throughout the entire length of the ski.

Snow Board Integration
Historically lightweight cores used in snowboards have been unable to offer a dampening or quality of ride that can be appreciated by every style of rider. The engineering behind Koroyd’s patents ensure that the cores react in a very precise and predictable manner in all riding conditions. Koroyd gives the boards a consistent, lightweight and smooth ride time after time. The weight saving is evident from the moment you pick up your first board, but the key achievement from Nitro is to combine this light weight core construction with very smooth and responsive ride characteristics for the ultimate in high end performance.

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