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ISH 2015 | BATHROOM TRENDS 2015 | 04


Best Ager Bathroom | A bathroom designed for ease – at any age


When every step requires careful consideration so as not to stumble, security and safety mean freedom. Freedom from bothersome safeguards and inconvenient fuss, freedom of movement and the freedom that comes with numerous options. A finely-meshed safety net made up of familiar surroundings, technical equipment and barrier-free housing gives people a sense of security and ease. And that sense of ease should be expressed in the design of the Easy Bathroom too: for all its technical sophistication, it must be simple and intuitive to use as well.

People who have to cope with physical or age-related limitations of any kind know just how important a freely accessible, safe and easy to use bathroom is when it comes to their independence, fitness and wellbeing. They enjoy the effect the water has on their health and soul, the comfort and convenience of a shower toilet, the feeling of safety and security that comes from furniture, seating and grab rails designed to provide support and the benefits of good, possibly even sensor-controlled lighting systems. Level-access showers and enough space to ensure freedom of movement are basic prerequisites for allowing elderly people to furnish their bathrooms in a way that accommodates not just their individual preferences but their (future) needs as well. Just in case.

CONFORMA_vitra Combo_vitra

Above: 2 x VitrA

01_CF_series_overview_TOTO_Europe 06_WC_CF_barrierfree_TOTO_Europe

Above: 2 x TOTO

Axor_Universal_Accessories_Curbless Shower_Ambience Axor_Universal_Accessories_Individualist_Ambience

Above: 2 x Axor


Above: Laufen


Above: Teuco

kohler DTV+_2 kohler_Artifacts_02

Above: 2 x Kohler

IMG_2596._olympia Lymp_Formosa_32_C0

Above: 2 x Olympia

V-CARE (1) V-CARE (3)

Above: 2 x VitrA

VuB_Interview_AnnaSchaffelhuber_03 VuB_Interview_AnnaSchaffelhuber_05

Above: 2 x Villeroy Boch


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