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ISH 2015 | BATHROOM TRENDS 2015 | 01



A private spa is a splendid place for taking a minibreak within your own four walls – after work, at the weekend or while the kids are at the neighbours’. And if an hour is all the time you’ve got, the bathroom can become a secluded island, a hotel bathroom or a lonely mountain cabin too. Or a place where every morning starts with a quick dip in an icy lake, a walk across wooden floorboards warmed by the sun or a one-minute dive into an exotic world. A place sheltered from the outside world, with everything the modern individual needs to relax and find his inner peace after a tiring day: privacy, beauty, tranquillity, water.

The bathroom is becoming the focal point of a hedonistic culture that combines cultural sophistication with sensuousness, aesthetics, pleasurable sensations and rituals. The room concepts which the bathroom industry has developed for this modern bathing culture exhibit a host of different elements such as cosiness, differentiated functions, water scenographies or rainfall showers – things that are not the slightest bit revolutionary on their own but can be meaningfully combined to produce an innovative, ambitious type of bathroom: the private spa.

The private spa is a bathroom concept that turns routine into ritual and water into an experience.

POP_UP_ISH2015_00_03 POP_UP_ISH2015_00_05 POP_UP_ISH2015_00_06

Above: 3 x Pop up my bathroom

museum-installation-showcases-dornbracht-horizontal-shower-2 museum-installation-showcases-dornbracht-horizontal-shower-3

Above: 2 x New Museum NYC – installation showcases | Dornbracht horizontal shower

horizontal-shower-by-dornbracht-for HS-Gallery-01-03 Revolutionize-Your-Shower-Experience dornbracht-Dusche_4_227

Above: 4 x Dornbracht

DSCF6395 (2) DSCF6383 (2) DSCF6380 DSCF6374

Above: 4 x Aqua Cloud by Grohe (concept)

graff dressage-graff

Above: 2 x Graff

25_Kos_WAZEBO by L+R Palomba

Above: Kos_WAZEBO by L+R Palomb

11_Zucchetti_Z94220_Shower Plus 13_Zucchetti_Z94221_Shower Plus

Above: 2 x Zucchetti


Above: Teuco




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