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ISH 2013: Trend Forum: Pop Up My Bathroom

This is the second edition of the Pop Up My Bathroom trend forum (exposition and publication). The organisation of the German Sanitary Industry Association (Vereinigung Deutsche Sanitärwirtschaft e.V., VDS) invited creatives and leading bathroom companies to participate in the creation of an information podium for sharing ideas and latest trends. The main theme was: From Basic Needs to the Dream Bathroom of Tomorrow

The makers identified 3 important bathroom trends for the near future:

Trend 1: Busy Bathroom | Up close and personal

Intimacy and shared experiences don’t have to be mutually exclusive. The Busy Bathroom is the hotspot of a modern lifestyle and, with its concept, furnishings and equipment, caters to the long-suppressed need for communication in the bathroom.

We’re used to shutting the door behind ourselves when we go into the bathroom. Yet the notion of the bathroom as a place of retreat is a modern invention. Now that it has been upgraded to living space and a growing range of products for jointly used bathrooms is available, the space with the water connection is taking on a highly social dimension again. A role it once played in the tradition of European public baths and continues to embody in cultures such as the hammam: as a place of encounter.

Think: Open space – mix of free space and retreat options with room for everyone | Shared experience – being together with family/friends | Shared bathing experience | Multi-functionality


Trend 2: Bathroom Bubble | Room to retreat

Bathroom Bubble creates boundaries in an environment in which the boundaries are becoming increasingly blurred. Like an isolated bubble within a permeable living cocoon, the bathroom becomes a very private island – the perfect place to relax, think or be creative.

For many people, the bathroom seems like the final place of retreat in an everyday life dominated by a hectic pace and permanent availability, also within their own four walls, which are becoming increasingly permeable to the outside world. With Bathroom Bubble, the bathroom is declared a protected area.

Think: Peace and quiet | Switching off from everyday routines | Regeneration – recharging batteries | Nurturing body awareness | Being alone | Comfort


Trend 3: Bathroom (R)Evolution | On the way to an intelligent feel-good machine

When it comes to safety, convenience and individualisation, the bathroom of the future won’t make any compromises. With Bathroom (R)Evolution, it’s the human being that occupies centre stage and shapes his environment to suit his needs.

Design has changed the bathroom, made it more aesthetic, more pleasure-oriented, and cosier. But now, with the integration of new materials and modern technologies, the bathroom is about to undergo a fundamental transformation. It’s time to think about what direction that transformation will go in. For more so than in any other area of the home, designing the bathroom is about designing the interface between the human being and the technology.

Think: Control – over water, technology, time, self-determined life | Individualisation – programmable settings throughout the bathroom: fittings, washbasin, lighting, heating, music etc. | Information – apps, news, traffic reports, medical info | Complete availability of media | lighting systems for good visibility, pre-set temperatures and scald protection on fittings, walk-in shower, light sensors for the night etc.


Here you can download the full Trend Report ISH 2013




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