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ISH 2013: Smart services

It is already clear that the future for the professional and industrial equipment manufacturer is not just one product, but the whole smart system of interdependence that surrounds and empowers the range of products and users. The ISH trade fair is not only about fancy bathrooms and spa luxury but also about hidden-in-the-wall engineering.

Visiting the ISH this year was a completely new experience. All leading brands in industries such as building, energy, air-conditioning, heating and water supply etc. are switching over to connected services. The future of domestic and professional hidden-in-the-wall systems lies in very complex infrastructural intelligent networks. It will be an ingenious computer adjusting itself to various situations, a proactive thinker and our environmental guardian. But, just to remind you, before we’ve reached that point, we have to create a well-working platform today.

Above: 3 x Buderus

Above: 2 x Honeywell

Above: 3 x Viessmann

Above: Renson

Above: 2 x Thermokon

Above: 2 x Bosch





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