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ISH 2013: Mirror, mirror on the wall…

Maybe designers were inspired by the Hollywood fairy-tale movies that have been popping up in the world lately? Or maybe the times we live in just ask for some mirror images of our past?  Sometimes, there’s something magical about a mirror. You see yourself, but you also see things about yourself that you’ve never noticed before. When more mirrors are involved, the psychedelic illusions may make you lose your orientation. Exactly this illusion has been our drive and push in the last decades. It is time to stop and focus on our good and bad spots in the mirror of reality, stop with illusions. Sorry for these deep thoughts, but I was really surprised by plenty of mirror innovations at ISH 2013. By innovation I mean changes to the basic function. The new mirrors have light options; they can enlarge the image, come in systems, or play very decorative roles in the modern bathroom. Mirrors give us the illusion of a bigger space and they reflect the light, bringing more brightness to the room.

These are my mirror highlights:

Above: 3 x Inbani

Above: 4 x miior, design by Katarzyna Okinczyc

Above: 3 x Keuco

Above: 3 x Geesa, design by Robert Bronwasser




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