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The European political arena is not looking very optimistic these days but consumer goods manufacturers are pretty sure about the end of the cheap plastic era. We have to learn to re-use our materials as well as appreciate real material (and its price). During this year’s IMM furniture fair in Cologne, Germany, I noticed a lot of copper colours, copper materials, copper accents and copper finishings. Why are we so much into this colour? Maybe gold is too much associated with kitsch and silver is what we already had during the ‘90s and ‘00s.

Man has used this metal and its alloys for thousands of years. It is a very earthy and down to our roots material that gives us the impression of handcrafted products. I really like this direction. Copper is very honest, can be processed locally and will survive the next generations.


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In the latest How To Spend It issue (published by Financial Times)  I found a very nice article: “Copper furniture in the spotlight” by Nicole Swengley. Nice inspiration.



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