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When we had a lot of small craft industries around here, we highly appreciated plastic. Now that we have everything made from plastic, we are starting to long for wood. Very ironic, isn’t it? It is very crude, but true. Everything that today is made from natural materials and made locally is charged with a completely different emotional value. A value that plastic never had. Things made from wood are forever. You can use, re-use and repair them. The next generation will enjoy them and remember them. But, we have some small problems here in our western world, because the fact is that we don’t have any schools where you can learn carpenter’s or woodcarver’s skills or any other old crafts. That’s why we are now faking wood in any possible interpretation, making it look like the real thing or giving it this kind of ‘natural’ feeling. Let’s wood! DSCF2720 DSCF2727 DSCF2799 DSCF3037 DSCF3038 DSCF3039 DSCF2977 Below (1 image): Vooking – the vegetarian concept kitchen DSCF2888 Below 3 images: The Source by Emir Salkic for Zanat DSCF3086 DSCF3079 DSCF3080 Below (1 image): Cooking Table by Moritz Putzier DSCF3143 DSCF3070 DSCF3178 DSCF3269 DSCF3270 DSCF2831


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