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IMM 2013: Touch me, connect with me!

Yes, I know it sounds very alluring, but believe me, the new kitchen /DAP products are very bewitching with their new tricks and interactive magic.

Geberit’s new innovative Sigma80 flush plate only requires the wave of a hand to initiate the flush process. Touchless toilet flush systems have long been a standard feature in public spaces and  now touchless is increasingly becoming a requirement in hotels, office buildings and upmarket private properties.

A year ago the two companies exhibited their first joint effort entitled YOUR HOME SPA, a morning/evening concept. This year GROHE  and Kaldewei  showed how innovative products can be used to maximise the spa appeal of every bathroom zone. The new collections focus on digital technologies as well as light and sound therapy. GROHE SPA™ F-digital Deluxe, a modular shower concept, integrates users’ iPods to bathe the shower in ambient light or fill it with soothing steam, to the accompaniment of your favourite tunes. The concept was developed by Paul Flowers, Senior Vice President Design at GROHE: “We want to inspire architects, planners and consumers to take a holistic view of the bathroom and open their minds to new prospects for bathroom design. We look forward to discussing our concept with visitors and are excited to see the ideas borne out of this open dialogue.”


Gutmann’s Conecta offers a new concept of kitchen life with its ambient light (LED light) function and the integrated dock station for an iPhone.


Siemens put on connectivity! Striving for progress and encouraging a general culture of innovation is in Siemens’ DNA.  In the Connectivity concept, Siemens’ built-in appliances are linked to mobile devices (tablets and smartphones), the Cloud or the online customer service team. Also via this connection, consumers can fully monitor their water and energy usage. It looks like Siemens really want to change our mentality and build a new awareness.


“We care for the things you love” – with this motto Grundig presented in Cologne their large household appliances for the first time . The whole range has stylishly designed interaction zones as well. Grundig also introduced their newest innovation, the Inter@ctive Serie. This concept will enable communication and interaction between appliances and tablets or smartphones. Grundig promised more innovation during the IFA 2013 in Berlin.


Two years ago, Gorenje premièred  with “iChef+ oven” – the first oven with innovative slide control (full colour TFT ) and a rich set of preset cooking modes for different recipes. This year Gorenje is taking a step forward and showed  its prototype version of the “iChef+ oven” upgraded with a Wi-Fi interface. It can be controlled remotely by a smartphone with the Android operating system. The phone and the oven are communicating via Wi-Fi technology. An application is run on the phone which can display several different information: oven temperature, oven lighting status, remaining cooking time, oven status, and selected recipe. Furthermore, application can be used to transfer delicious dishes from the phone to the oven user interface, to activate or stop the cooking or baking cycle, and to switch the oven lighting on and off.




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