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IMM 2013: Look into the Future

During IMM 2013, two companies captured my attention with their forward thinking.

CoolPure 1.0 by BASF

The first one was the German chemical multinational BASF. BASF presented CoolPure 1.0 – the future concept of the fridge. Just to dispel any doubts, BASF will not produce any DAP products! BASF introduced its 10 new conceptual materials that can change tomorrow’s cooling methods. New materials can improve high functionality with advanced design to achieve better sustainable production as well as optimum insulation and refrigeration.

The fascinating thing about the new refrigerator concept by BASF Polyurethanes is that it does much so more than just refrigerate. The CoolPure 1.0 demonstrates creativity and technical ingenuity in exploring the incredible possibilities of polyurethane in term of materials and design.

Interesting detail: the door handle is made of TPU with Elastollan, a very special extra soft-touch and scratch-fast material.

More info about BASF CoolPure 1.0


Siemens Future Living Award 2013

Another interesting visionary project was the Siemens Future Living Award. In the special design space at the Siemens booth at LivingKitchen,  Siemens in cooperation with AD Architectural Digest magazine, presented work and prototypes of the 30 awards entries. Architects, designers and creatives were asked to develop their visions of the future for cookery and lifestyle.  The best entries were selected by a distinguished panel of experts, including Siemens Chief Designer Gerhard Nüssler and AD Editor-in-Chief Oliver Jahn as well as celebrity chef Christian Henze, Creative Director of IMM Cologne, Dick Spierenburg, interior designer Claudia de Bruyn, architect Simona Malvezzi and trend researcher Marc Schüling.

The first place went to aroma_ID Design Studio in Offenbach am Main. The winning design showed the evolution of the living room kitchen in three stages: “Lifestyle Tomorrow” in 2020, where the living room and kitchen merges into the social centre; “Future Vision Life” in 2035, which includes an intelligent high-tech stage and thereby simplifies every day, and the last step, “Back to the Roots” in 2050, in which the kitchen is a natural living space with sustainable supply of home-grown products, a kitchen in which cooking is again an emotional experience. “A key consideration for the jury was the presentation of a holistic approach that takes into account not only the product, but also the living environment. For issues such as sustainability, demographic change and increasing service orientation will in the future play a big role” commented Gerhard Nüssler, Chief Designer Siemens.

More info at Siemens Future Living Awards 2013



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