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IMM 2013: Ghost of the Past 1

Part 1: Craft

When I was walking around the IMM and the Living Kitchen fair, I had a Dickensian feeling of meeting the Ghost of the Past. The Ghost of the Past showed me crafted qualities, natural materials and care for detail.

My attention was caught by a poetic collection of kitchen utilities – Carrara M, presented by Cap. GmbH. These kitchen utilities are made of beautiful stone from a famous quarry nearby Massa-Carrara in Tuscany. This precious stone is often used for pompous and luxury buildings. But this time it was used for bread storage, knife holders, rolling pins, mortars, racks, and herb boxes. All intended for daily use, for people demanding high standards. The ensemble was honoured with the Interior Innovation Award Winner 2013.


The Berlin-based design agency e27 developed the Light Drops collection for Pulpo www.pulpoproducts.com. The lamps have an added value through the combination of three contrasting natural materials in one. Wood, glass and metal mesh form a perfect match, lending the room an atmospheric mood. Industrial and cool meets warm and soft.


Italian leading kitchen interior brand Schiffini presented three concepts of its newest collection: “Pampa” and “Mesa”, both designed by Alfredo Häberli, and “Cinqueterre” by Vico Magistretti. My favourite concept was “Mesa” from Spanish designer Alfredo Häberli, where the kitchen becomes the true soul of the home – “kitchen of the memory”. Quite impressive was the wide setting, a sequence of warm, natural and cosy small wooden rooms, in keeping with Schiffini’s kitchen philosophy. The fulcrum of the concept was the large table with benches (mesa in Spanish means “table”) that invite to sit down and socialise. I loved the dots decoration of the surfaces, as well the classic handle, which is replaced by a slit in the wood surface.




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