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IHHS 2012: Soda Twist ‘n’ Sparkle

IHHS = Home+Housewares Show, Chicago 2012

Pour in your favourite chilled beverage, insert a soda charger, and twist the sparkling wand for fresh, customised carbonated drinks at the twist of the wrist. So bubbly and refreshing! I remember from my childhood that in my grandmother’s kitchen an old-fashioned glass syphon with carbonated water stood ready for use. Back then it was so usual but nowadays it seems a luxury.

The Austrian company iSi introduced at Home+Housewares Show in Chicago last week a trendy looking Twist ‘n’ Sparkle starter’s equipment to make your own soda drinks.


Self-made soda water has some good environmental issues, namely:

  • It eliminates buying bottled seltzer water
  • It comes in a reusable, recyclable bottle with cap
  • The soda chargers are recyclable
  • No electricity or batteries are needed
  • It’s easy to use and easy to clean.

Now, we have to sit and wait for the summer and meanwhile give you an idea and inspiration for a Strawberries & Chardonnay soda drink recipe.


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