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The annual IFA event is the largest CE&DAP trade fair in the world. Every year, all the best leaders and those who“wanna be” in business are coming to Berlin, Germany. This year was a very interesting one. It looks to me that there is a new deal and a very new game. The once large companies such as Loewe are pushed out of the game; SEB (Tefal, Rowenta, Krups, Moulinex), a big group, presented itself outside in a wooden cabin as if there was no place for them in the inn.

IFA is not just a fair. It’s a giant machinery that shows all its muscles to the entire industry. Now, is the question, how much is there left of the CE&DAP business? Innovation has always been about inventing new needs. This time companies have taken out everything from their cabinets to attract already lost and uninformed consumers.

The absolute MASTER of manipulation is Samsung. To me, Samsung is growing more and more aggressive, leaving dead bodies in an attempt to take all fields to victory. Samsung is not only inventing new needs but is also doing everything to prevent you from thinking. You have to dedicate your entire life to Samsung. It is very scary, such a big monopolist with dictatorial ambitions.

Below, Samsung’s MUSTS about your new needs for the near future:

  1. We will help you to start your morning – when you wake up, the TV is turned on to inform you about weather, traffic, etc.
  2. We will greet you warmly when you come home – our smart system will walk with you through the front door, playing your favourite song.
  3. We will let you communicate with your family at home – you only have to say to system “dinner is ready “and we will notify everyone in the family
  4. We will control your environment for your peace of mind – smart TV acts as your control centre to inform you of the full status of your surrounding.
  5. We will customize your viewing environment automatically – when you watch TV, the lights will be dimmed and the blinds lowered down.
  6. We will create your sleeping environment with a simple word – before you go to sleep, don’t forget to say “good night” to the smart system to turn on the pre-sleep operations.
  7. We will take control and help you to live a healthier life – we will track all your movements.
  8. We will make you stay connected to your car – you will never forget where you parked it.
  9. We will let you enjoy your rides with a simple transportation companion – forget your wallet or public transportation card – you need only Gear S2 and go!
  10. We will notify the status of your home even when you are away – we will always tell you what is happening at home.
  11. We will let you secure your home from the palm of your hand – with our affordable secure system you will protect your home.
  12. We will make it easy for you to live green and save some green – we will save energy by automatically adjusting the use of energy at home.
  13. We will teach your home a few new tricks – devices will react to your lifestyle.
  14. We are an open and expanding platform – that’s why our smart system is superior to the one of any other company.
  15. We will provide you with personalised reports and expert advice – all tips about your body.

I don’t know what your feelings are, but I am afraid of such a taking-over-my-life-company. There is no place for me, my thoughts, my choices and my loved ones. The first to greet me in the morning will be a system and the last good-night kiss will also be from a system. Do we really want to give up our mind and control to a “smart system”?

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Above: 8 x Samsung booth at IFA 2015


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  1. It is scary indeed ! I think we should have started the line of defance against this targeting long time ago. Got my Samsung phone recently, spent an hour on switching off all the stuff spying on me and forced ‘comfort’. It’s no longer the case of personal data such a name, an address and a status. Along with the Google they are collecting data of all my interests, places, schedule, basicly all my activity and thoughts. All for ‘the better experience’. And seems nobody care where this data is going and who is going to use it and how. Yeah, ‘to Samsung’. And now they are literally in your bedroom. Wanted and paid for. Maybe this sounds a bit catastrophic, but anybody reads Orwell?? We have all the answers in our history and literature.

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