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IFA 2014 | Living in my future

This year, the  IFA show was a very special event for me. It was special, because for the very first time I had this feeling that I was walking around in “my own” future. I remember that many years ago (2000), when I was working at Philips Design, we held an annual workshop titled ‘Ambient Intelligent’. Can you imagine? So many creatives, so many different cultures and nationalities (back then, the design department counted more than 600 people worldwide). Together we were forecasting the long-term future for the year 2015. The prediction was not so much about the future products, but rather about human behaviour, about man’s lifestyle and needs. I remember that in-between talks and discussions, one of the designers – a very good friend of mine – started to reflect along the lines of “I think designers of the future will design needs, not products”. His reasoning was beyond my imagination, but truly, today I understand his thoughts. We have entered the new world, a world where goods are playing different roles when placed in different contexts. My friend was right. We (creative businesses) are able to create only a context of need, and many products will disappear or redefine a completely new meaning.

During the “2015 trends session” (in 2000), we had this vision that future TV (back then Philips had just introduced its first plasma TV) would will be only “projection”. OK, we can discuss if “having a beamer” means having a projection TV….. but I think that you still have a beamer, and the future is all about not having any device. Right?

I was very happy to see the latest Sony’ s concepts in reality. Sony already had introduced them during last CES in Las Vegas, but at IFA a lot of concepts were actually working.

Life Space UX Room | 4K Ultra Shot Short Throw Projector

In a specially designed zone called Life Space UX Room, Sony showcased products designed to make our near-future everyday lives simpler and easier than ever before. First up was the 4K Ultra Shot Short Throw Projector. OK, it still has “projector” in its name, but I believe this is a piece of furniture that completely dematerialises any TV and beamer. You can transform any wall into a massive 147 inches high-definition projection. Everything you do need is a wall, and the rest will seamlessly fit into your home.

4k-sony-projector-01_concept-1280x960 sony-projector DSCF8095 DSCF8085 DSCF8097 DSCF8098


Life Space UX Room | Portable Ultra Throw Projector

Another interesting small, Rubiks-cube like object was the Portable Ultra Throw Projector. Something you can attach to any surface to project your screen. Sony says that “it’s perfect for catching up on your favourite shows when relaxing in the bath or cooking in the kitchen”. Hm? I’m not too sure about this, but if you really need to know, you can do it without risking any water damage.

DSCF8083 DSCF8061 DSCF8071 DSCF8075 DSCF8077


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