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IFA 2013: Watch out!

Since the mobile phone has come into our lives for good, we fully accept its presence and even feel naked without it (try to forget it! you will feel the emptiness). This intelligent device has become our best friend. Nobody knows your deepest secrets better than your phone. It is always close to you.

But, our “best friend” is now getting a surprising new competitor – namely the smart watch.

It is a very special “new friend” because this one will hold your hand and keep you connected with everything around you. This is the very beginning of the next wearable technology era and a start of the new generation of Bluetooth Low Energy technology that enabled the analogue watch  to become an integral part of our increasingly connected life.


Sony SmartWatch


Samsung – Galaxy gear smartwatch

Pebble e-paper watch



MyKronoz smartwatch designed in Switzerland





I’m watch – what your smartphone was missing



Metawatch  smartwatch


Cookoo watch smartwatch



Agent watch – smartwatch



Gnomio – Windows Phone – revival of the SPOT (Smart Personal Object Technology). Crowd sourced projects by indiegogo.com


Nissan– Nissmo watch (spotted at IAA 2013 Frankfurt a/M, Germany)


Apple – In April this year, Apple hinted at “exciting new product categories” in amusement and Tim Cook promised “some really great stuff coming in the fall and across all of 2014”. Maybe it will be the new Apple iWatch?




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