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IFA 2013: BOOM-match-BOX

Maybe it is not a paradigm shift within the music industry but it is definitely a very fast growing new business. Just yesterday I was cycling home and passed an old lady in the park who was sitting on a bench and listening to the music from portable speakers. Wow, it was a picture that you can see on the fancy and expensive TV commercials. Wow! This means that these new, small, matchbox-like wireless speakers are not only a hype for trendy youngsters. Mothers can use it to lullaby their babies while walking in the park, we can share our favourite tunes with friends or even when tracking with a backpack through the mountains.

Let the music play!

Above: 2 x Beats by Dr Dre

Above: 2 x Jabra


Above: 3 x Native Union


Above: 3 x Jawbone

Above: Logitech

Above: 2 x Nixon

Above: 3 x Creative

Above: 3 x NudeAudio

Above: 2 x Philips




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