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IFA 2012: New business scent

Some years ago, big brands discovered our longing for lovely scents. We were flooded with lavatory freshening products, living room odour killers and car perfumes.

We like it. Why? Is it the power of commerce, a social must or it is the replacement for something we’ve lost?

I don’t know why but the fragrance invasion is still going on. The German giant Miele introduced its new product innovation during the last IFA 2012 in Berlin.

Miele implemented the fragrance capsule into the dryer’s filter. It is very simple to click in. You can choose from 3 different moods: aqua (fresh), cocoon (well-being) and nature (balance). The capsule will automatically spread the scent into your laundry.

From a business point of view, it is a very interesting innovation. Consumers buy most of their washing powders, fabric softness and other detergents together with their daily groceries. Will Miele stretch its business and enter into the new retail channels? Or maybe a big, flashy DAP/CE giant will offer us cleaning agents? Nice to see how different markets are now coming closer to each other and changing their core businesses to offer better services. In the end we will only profit from it. It is definitely a new venture era.


On the USA market, Miele already offers a variety of specialised laundry detergents and fabric softeners, designed to meet our individual laundry care needs.


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