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IFA 2012: Keep fresh, keep cool

It’s official now. Siemens announced the end of the kitchen as a separate room and the end of kitchen appliances that are used in the kitchen space. From now on, the “Kitchen” is part of the Living Room.

This means that all formal kitchen appliances should be seen as domestic products that fit into a modern home interior.  It is a big revolution for which we are not ready yet. Today’s consumers understand the importance of healthy food, but they do not know yet how to store, keep and protect precious nutrients. According to a study conducted by the Swedish Institute for Food and Biotechnology (SIK) Gothenburg, roughly one-third of the edible parts of food produced for human consumption gets lost or wasted globally, which is about 1.3 billion tons per year. It is predicted that in 2050, 74% of the world population will live in mega-cities (cities with over 10 million inhabitants). This expansion of cities will only be able at the expense of agriculture that provides us with our daily food.

This means that our future fridges have to change in order to help us with our daily diet.

Siemens presented new cooling compartments that will be implemented in the new product collection. One of the most interesting is HydroFresh where due to the humidity control, fruits and veggies stay fresh for twice as long.


Bosch created a special experience zone to highlight their separated compartments features.


Haier introduced a Special Room – My Zone, which you can adjust to your own needs.

But the most spectacular was Samsung with its “down-sizing” fridge; the company extended the inner space through enhanced insulation technology and the use of slimmer and stronger walls. This trend was already predicted by the introduction of Glare composite material (GLARE =Glass Laminate Aluminium Reinforced Epoxy), which was used commercially as an upper cover in A350 Airbus planes.


Connectivity is now a MUST,  not a MAYBE!


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