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IFA 2012: Heavenly cloud

Connectivity was a buzz word at IFA2012. There was hardly anything that was NOT connected or linked to products provided with network and cloud. We have to accept that we cannot live without it. From washing machines to traffic lights; from trains to bikes; from streets to parks. It looks like future WiFi will, together with air and sunlight, be provided for free. We are going to depend on it far too much.

All leading brands at IFA showed their interactive future concepts. I can say they have really prepared themselves for the next networking society era.

Miele presented a working prototype of a “buttonless” washing machine that is fully operable via smartphone or tablet application.


Bosch launched its MyBosch platform that is equipped with all user instructions, services, maintaining agenda, software updates and clothes tag scanner (to inform the washing machine about its content).


According to Siemens, connectivity opens up great possibilities for convenience, sustainability and modern lifestyle.


Bluetooth is making its big comeback. Most of the sound gadgets are connected wirelessly to smartphones or tablets providing fun and interactive experience.

Above: Native Union

Above: Solemate by Jabra

Above: Soudbox by Loewe

Above: Creative

Above: Belkin


Future TV not only means a window on the world but also a gateway to the entire cloud. Latterly you can reach the sky of possibilities.

Above: LG

Above: Loewe

Above: Grundig

Our portable smart devices will play different roles depending on needs and moments.

Above: Sony

Above: Samsung

Above: Philips

Above: Sony

Above: Siemens


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