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IFA 2012: Healthy business

The old universal rights of humanity, ‘Liberty, Equality and Brotherhood’, have been replaced by the new universal rights of ‘Health’. The inner and outer control will be a new definition of our social values. It looks like health will be the most important investment in the future.

We will have to learn to enjoy life, find happiness in our long work, and relaxation by giving and taking. Already a shift is occurring in DAP business where today products for proactive health are a growing sector in the business. I hope that well-being products will be more elegant, intelligent and aesthetically pleasing without emphasising our needs, functionality and disabilities.

Monitoring health and emergency guard

Above: Lapka

Above: Medisana

Above: Medisana

Above: Emporia



Relaxation and pain relief

Above: Homedics


Air and flora quality

Above: De Longhi

Above: Soehnle

Above: Koubachi


Healthy food

Above: Bosch

Above: Jamie Oliver + Philips

Above: Beurer

Above: Petra

Cosmetic wellness

Above: ELLE by Beurer

Above: Philips





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